Picture hanging

5 Picture hanging tips!

  • Placing a small picture near a piece of furniture or a lamp creates coherence.
  • Would you like to create a sense of height? Try placing several smaller pictures vertically above each other.
  • Relatively small room? Hanging a big painting can increase the feeling of space.
  • Try to find the right balance regarding size, color and design when you’re hanging more than one picture.
  • If you don’t want to damage your walls by drilling holes …use a picture hanging system from STAS!

Special website for professional use of STAS picture hanging systems: www.stasprojects.com

STAS runs projects for diverse organizations and institutions, such as hospitals, schools, offices and governmental institutions.

On this website you will find an overview of the many hanging solutions developed by STAS and helps you decide which hanging system best suits your situation.

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Picture hanging height

The ideal height to hang your picture, is to place the center of the picture at eye level. If you are hanging multiple pictures, you should leave about 1 – 5 inch space between them. The less pictures you are hanging, the closer they ought to be.


Picture hanging ideas

We can give you lots of ideas on how to hang your picture frames, paintings, photos, notes and documents.


STAS picture hanging systemsFor instance you can hang pictures on a steel wire with the STAS magnet set. The set consists of strong three-legged magnets in combination with the STAS steel cable.


Other revolutionary ways to hang pictures are the STAS picture hits and STAS paper rail.


The picture hits are patented transparent clips for easy and flexible hanging of cards and photos. The Paper rail contains glass marbles inside, which keep posters, drawings, memos and photos into the rail, due to gravity. But of course the most elegant way to hang paintings and picture frames are the various Picture hanging systems by STAS picture hanging systems.



The picture hanging systems by STAS are suitable for professional use in offices, schools, museums and galleries, as well as your own living room, kitchen or bedroom. You’ll never have to drill holes in the walls again and you can organize your pictures and frames time and time again.


Picture hanging kit

STAS picture rail kitsSTAS offers several handy picture hanging kits. These kits contain everything you need to get started with a picture hanging system. Installation is quick and easy. The picture hanging kits are suitable for all wall types (plaster, brick, drywall, concrete, etc). By combining multiple kits of the same type you can easily extend your picture hanging system. The picture hanging kits contain picture rail with complementary mounting materials, cords and hooks.

Picture hanging hardware

There’s all kinds of picture hanging hardware available: regular nails, screws and picture hangers. The most innovative system however, is manufactured by STAS.


The hardware involved consists of a picture rail, screws and plugs for one-time installation. After installing, you never need tools or hardware again to add, replace or rearrange your pictures!


6 minirail clipscrews and 6 plugs are needed to mount a single piece of minirail (200cm/~78.75″).

You also need one STAS minirail rail connector to connect two pieces of rail.


Picture hanging wire

We offer 2 types of picture hanging wire: perlon cord and steel cable. The perlon cord is suitable for hanging pictures which weigh up to 33 lbs, when used with the STAS zipper picture rail hook.


Use the steel cable when you’d like to hang even heavier works of art, up to 44 lbs. The steel cable is available in plain steel, but also in two specially coated versions:


picture hanging wire with a white (RAL 9016) and black (RAL 9005) coating.
Both models have a modern, chic and elegant appearance. The steel cables are equipped with the well-known STAS cobra hook. The cobra allows you to hook the wire into a picture rail.


Apart from picture hanging wire equipped with the patented STAS cobra hook, we also offer picture hanging wire with a plain loop. This type of wire cannot be used in combination with a picture rail, but with a panel hook or the STAS plaster rail system.

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STAS picture hanging systems

The hardware involved consists of a picture rail, screws and plugs for one-time installation.